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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2019 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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changing the world already. digital. storage market. doubling. this is g.w. news the live from berlin confronting the sexual abuse of children by the catholic church pope francis gathers high ranking members of the clergy to an unprecedented summit in rome he says the world is expecting not just condemnation but concrete action is this a turning point. also coming up scenes of devastation in bangladesh as
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a fire sweeps through parts of the capital dhaka at least seventy people are killed and many more injured the blaze is thought to have started in the warehouse before spreading rapidly to the city's old town and german guns being used in massacres abroad judges find x. employees from the gunmaker heckler and call it guilty of illegally exploiting weapons to mexico. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program pope francis has opened an unprecedented summit on sexual abuse in the catholic church with bishops from around the world francis opened the four day meeting by insisting that the church must listen to abuse victims but survivors have voiced concerns that the pope's efforts to raise awareness do not go far enough the summit comes after an avalanche of allegations against catholic priests accusing them of molesting young boys and of raping nuns.
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asus and now to more of what pope francis had to say. sensible part of the holy people of god looking at us do not expect from us simple and predictable condemnation but concrete and effective measures of good more now we're joined by d.w. religious affairs analyst martin gak how big is this for the church martin it's quite big at least it is trumpeted as being quite a sort of moment of you know change in the church this is something that remains to be seen however it is true that there is a very clear the men of concrete actions it is also true that the church in twenty years sexually not produce concrete actions do you see the potential for that concrete action because i mean many are looking at us they're saying oh great you know they're talking about it now but can we see something bigger come out of it than just acknowledging that there is indeed a problem i think that we should disabuse yourself from continuing this talk about
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talking about it i mean the church has been talking about it and has been talking about it for twenty years victims have been talking about it n.g.o.s have been talking about it the church spite simply has not produced protocol or policy so it's unclear whether they have the capacity to do it and there is the political will the fact is that there has been a couple of things over the last two weeks including macquarie from king this very very senior new york for america article which seemed to show that this vatican actually has the political will what we don't know is where they have are to the political muscle they have the capacity to implement changes so let's talk a little bit more about the strategy because i mean they wrote the following about how they plan to approach this responsibility accountability transparency are the words that they're using i mean they say that these three principles that will guide their strategy when they're talking about sex abuse in the church what do you make of that well i think that these are two words for any process of adjudication you know i mean clearly responsibility transparency and accountability are
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important things i think that what is telling about the fact that these are actually headlining topics is that the church understand. that it has lost legitimacy in all three areas i mean the church is not seen as somebody that has transpired and it's not seen as something that is responsible and most certainly it's not seen as something that is accountable to justice in general so one of the i think most important questions is whether the church is willing to bring in national authorities to adjudicate what are actually crimes ok and do you think that there's first of all the potential for that i think that there is a potential but i think that what you also have is that in a very very large institution with very many people any one of these cases that you pull out has a lot of people attached to it not only people that necessarily raped or that abuse but people that actually cover up and people that it might not have willingly covered up but were part of systems so what we're talking about here is about
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something that is truly truly white spread into truly massive in terms of the connections and amount of political and institutional relations i do not see you know just the will to change us being selfish and this is something that would depend not only on the vatican but it also will depend on the churches at the local level across across of the world really just affairs correspondent martin jack thank you you're welcome. a devastating fire has killed at least seventy people in the bangladeshi capital dhaka more than fifty people are injured many of with critical burns the fire started in a building thought to be storing flammable materials and then spread quickly to other nearby structures. explosions and blazing fire lit up dock us old city as the fire raced through five buildings in the district. some of the buildings caught in the blaze stuart chemicals one housed a plastics warehouse filled with flammable material those caught in the inferno
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described how the fire started. if that's what i saw a sudden massive explosion with fire and shock waves that totally destroyed the road side wall when i was in a rickshaw and when the explosion took place i don't think my rickshaw driver is alive anymore it's going to be doing firefighters had difficulty finding enough water to battle the blaze and had to rely on a nearby mosque to help. chief outlined the scale of the catastrophe. for the dead bodies are being sent to dhaka medical college hospital. and we have rescued forty one injured people and sent them to the hospital and our fire extinguishing operation is almost at the last stage we are now searching the rubble in preparation for dampening the area is under way. right as it.
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is initially struggle to get close to the scene because of heavy traffic and narrow alleyways around the area the death toll is expected to rise and some of the injured suffering critical burns. more on this now we are joined by michael khan he is a journalist joining us from dhaka how did the fire start and why did it spread so quickly. well the first doctor thrown explosive of this natural gas cylinder with electrical transformer beer by and the fire starter from the electrical shocks that did it with glee after the chemical where holes was there and it's in building but also some plastics where they're just into the building and there were also this truce in the ground over all this or said that it will be sitting just in the kitchen so all his guest into exposure
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seventeen years he saw the fire in very feet. and we have to say and they were looking at these dramatic images here this is not the first time that we have seen images like that coming out of dhaka there have been other devastating fires and we also know that there was that major building that collapsed a number of years ago as well talk with us a little bit about the safety regulations are they simply too lax. whether it is true that there was there was a big fire at student in two thousand and ten hundred twenty four people who was killed. after that incident the government also initiated this to give but we didn't have. any images of the investigation. but what this is just a relaxed of the boy what's going to take this weekend where hope is to moved
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into somewhat hills but you know police police official said today that if the oil do get its work together then they will be able to shift the chemical where noses will be and the investigation. is on the way. michael kahn in dhaka bangladesh thank you so much. and let's get a quick check now on some other stories making news around the world the evacuation of hundreds of people from the so-called islamic states last remaining enclave in syria is almost complete a spokesperson for the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces says that once all civilians are out troops will attack us fighters you know the village of bog who's in the iraqi border. in albania thousands of opposition supporters are taking part in anti-government rallies opposition lawmakers claim that the socialist government is corrupt they are demanding the resignation of prime minister at the rama as well as fresh
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elections the e.u. and the us have warned albanians opposition against violence. and u.s. police have seized an arsenal of weapons from the home of a coast guard officer they arrested him on suspicion of plotting a mass murder the officer had drafted a target list of democratic politicians and prominent media figures. according the southern german city of stood guard has found two former employees of the weapons manufacturer heckler and call guilty of illegally exporting guns they have been given suspended prison sentences the court also imposed a fine of three point seven million euros on the company for sending assault rifles to crisis regions in mexico the case centered on an attack that killed six people in southern mexico and i think in city of. that's also where forty three students disappeared and i thought to have been murdered police believe that local criminals were responsible and that they were armed with guns manufactured by head lowered
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called the mexican state of guerrero where the city is located is black listed for weapons exports. let's get more now political correspondent kate brady joins me here in the studio so. is this going to hurt enough to make the company rethink its practices well if you take into consideration that the revenue. in two thousand and seventeen was one hundred eighty two million euro varies and this fine of three point seven million isn't really going to make much of a dent but it is bearing in mind that last year just as this trial was about to start the company did publish a statement saying that their products will now only be delivered to so-called green countries so that includes. states or members of nato or also countries which have closed association agreements with nato so on paper. i think standards now seem to be stricter but at the same time we could now see them moving more towards
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the civilian market and what are the wider implications of this verdict would you say i mean not only for the specific manufacturer in the way that it changes the strategy but also you know for the industry well it's certainly for us gemini's export controls into the spotlight and there's been a lot of criticism come out of back off the back of this. trial especially when it comes to the loopholes in those controls and particularly with a specific ation for the end destination to make sure that these weapons on sold on to other countries but in this case they were actually sold to other countries but redistributed to mexican states which were in fact blacklisted under the weapon control laws there have been some questions and we have to address these just about german weapons generally you know there seems to be not so much oversight by the part of the authorities when it comes to weapons exports because we are seeing weapons you know the do seem to pop up over the world in places where
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they should not be toast the story there exactly even if you just take heckler and koch for example they really have flooded the world's conflict zones with what happens we've seen them pop up in the libyan army we've seen them fall into the hands of the saudi in saudi arabian army and police but when it comes to the oversight by authorities that you mentioned it's actually interesting that actually the german economy ministry in agreement with the german foreign ministry which actually is in charge of these decisions and certificate for weapons exports but when it comes to this case the government is pleading that they had no reason to doubt they steal between call and mexico so at the moment when not seeing any soul searching now when it comes to change in or developing the weapons control laws here in germany capertee thank you. and saying in germany the bundestag is due to
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debate changes to a law on how doctors can and for women that they perform abortions abortion is a criminal offense in the country with terminations only allowed in certain areas for strict circumstances german doctors are also forbidden to provide information about the procedure the new law would allow them to do just that the main focus of the debate between conservative and liberal forces is on when information becomes advertising. gabriella halder is one of thousands of doctors in germany caught in the center of the country's ongoing debate over abortion. the fact that abortion is criminalized. that it's illegal in germany the woman doesn't have that isn't happy abortion in germany is in fact a crime but there are exceptions in cases of rape on medical grounds and on certain conditions prosecution is avoided if the abortion is carried out within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy if the woman attends mandatory counseling and then waits
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another three days before the abortion but at the center of the current debate is tiny article two hundred one thousand nine hundred eighty of germany's criminal code it dates back to the nazi era and makes it a crime for doctors to publicly advertise abortions after being overlooked for decades it's now sparked political debate. over to the principle must be that we do not advertise abortions it's forbidden and unborn life must be protected i cannot allow abortion advertising and we want to prevent it even in a limited number of attempts at some hall there is one of the hundreds of doctors who have been accused of violating the article in her case it was due to a flyer on the clinic website stating that she carries out of fortune's the flyer was removed and the case was then dropped. but many doctors still feel persecuted since two thousand and three the number of them who carry out abortions has fallen by forty percent. the activists and activists who stop women on
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the sidewalk from going to the counseling centers or clinic they're simply frightening their traumatizing for women. and then there's the fact that this criminal punishment weighs down on the issue of abortion. the thought of. a new compromise by the german government would allow doctors to state that they offer abortions but more advertising remains forbid prior to forming a new coalition with conservatives germany social democrats wanted to abolish the abortion advertising ban isn't. also from the social democratic side with two main objectives to safeguard women's right to information and to guarantee legal security for doctors and for dr holder the legal compromise doesn't go far enough she wants to see article two hundred nineteen a abolished. i support protection
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of life but not when it's against women instead it should be with women offer something to women offer assurance that their careers won't be damaged if they have children make contraception free for all ages but we just don't have. this how many such alternatives to take years to really happen in germany but for now the long time to boot of abortion has got both german politics and society talking. coming up a little bit later on to. give it everything that they've got in the first leg of their champions league match up with manchester city but it is one of their former players who has the final say but first the army in venezuela has been put on alert at the country's borders to head off attempts to bring in international aid that's as the standoff between president nicolas maduro and his rival want worsens shortages of essential foods and medicines have already driven millions of venice wayland's to flee the country more than two hundred twenty thousand have moved to
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the colombian capital bogota. reports. delivering food shopping for strangers picking up cash seven days a week twelve hours a day that's life for michael garcia he's from venezuela and has been living in colombia's capital bogota for two months after leaving his family behind. my father my mother my cousins. sometimes i saw pictures. it's not the same thing when my everyday life has a completely. totally different. look . michael uses his mobile phone to stay in touch with his parents in venezuela but he sends the money when he can but it's not enough to change their desperate
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situation during breaks michael and his colleagues often talk about venezuelan politics a bit more and we hope that interim president can help us bring this regime. to him carlos is also from venezuela he runs a restaurant here in bogota. back home he worked in the tourism industry before the economic crisis. he wanted to go to the united states or cheery or peru but he ended up here in colombia. to begin and i was planning to go back as soon as the regime falls. but now i have my business here and my family. i need more time to think about it. i guess i'm staying here for another. carlos has figured out how to make a living by helping his fellow venezuelans they relieve their homesickness with
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products from across the border. it is all the terrible stuff from our home country or you're just like a little minutes right here looking at a place to see if you can feel closer to home this way it tastes like my own mother made it and i think the money. is going to taste like i miss my country so much. only a few of the transplanted venezuelans make a good living here in bogota most have to rely on casual labor or the goodwill of colombians and almost none of them actually want to be here but the situation back home leaves them no choice. michael desperately needs things to change but as long as the moderate government stays in power in venezuela he plans to stay put delivering food and perhaps finding a future here in colombia. so the champions league now in the round of sixteen in europe's top club tournament
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and mighty manchester city found it tough going on its visit to shout that isn't a whole former south a player helped rescue the english side in the first of a two legged tie that went down to the final whistle. favorite city went in front of the old through sergio aguero off the loose balls was pounced on by every silver but shocker soon turned the game on its head two goals from not be open today shortly before half time both of which came from the spot gave the hosts a shot lead going into the break the home crowd had plenty to shout about. but with five minutes to go a perfectly placed free kick from former shy q young stud leave royce and i levelled the schools sunday refused to celebrate against the club that made him. and there was yet another sting in the tail some impressive strength and
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a characteristically cool finish from raju stirling gave his side a three two victory it's advantage city going into the second leg. and the other champions league match saw the return of arnaldo and his new club vented to the city of the dread and this time old rivals have led to go madrid have the upper hand till they goals gave athletico a vital lead going into the return leg next month. well known for young football players across the african continent the chance to play for a top european club is a dream fourteen year olds do brill is such a dreamer he's hoping to be a global football star and our correspondent florist to quora followed him as byron munich's top talent scout visited nigeria. for fourteen year old jabril the next few days could be life changing he's one of eighty boys hoping to catch the eye of one of the world's biggest football clubs they are competing for
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selection in the by any us world cup the ten best play as we travel to germany to take part many of the players are from low income families and get in scouted by the german team could mean a change of fortune for their entire family is it because i'm looking forward to. the man they're trying to impress is former by a legend klaus. now in the club's top talent scouts because america it's a big opportunity for byron munich to find the best players and big talents here in nigeria maybe this time we'll find the next messi or cristiana ronaldo it's very difficult because we have our own academy with very good players but in case we find a very good player his level must be much higher than that of our kids because of the difficult legal procedures involved in bringing them over. after the training
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to brill is randomly selected to receive a surprise visit from coach. it's a chance for the coach to see what life is like for some of his boys he tells the coach he has to work every day after school before going to the peach to train. before heading to bill's house the group makes a quick stop at his place of work here he's paid less than a euro to load up a truck with sand. that sometimes takes a toll on his body at the house to brill is proud to show his special guests his medals his dream of playing for an international team could become a reality soon of that he expected. my life. going through i knew. for sure. thank you it is going to be. it's a good day everyone has been we thousand four hundred time to announce the ten
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display as that would be representing nigeria at the walt corp in germany and joining me for song. unfortunately bad news for drew brees drew would not be traveling to germany this time but the memory of having one of these football icons in his house who stay with him for a long time. and now are going to head to the biggest night in the british music calendar the brit awards celebrated the best achievements in pop at a glittering ceremony in london on wednesday one of the night's big winners was manchester band to the one nine hundred seventy five they want album of the year and were also named best british group scottish d.j. calvin harris also scooped up two awards for producer and order single which was for one casts a collaboration with the singer. and the us singer songwriter was honored with the outstanding contribution to music award the first international artist to
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receive. congrats to all of them a quick reminder now the top stories we're following for you here at d.f.w. pope francis has opened a summit in brome on the sexual abuse of children by members of the catholic church he said that the world was expecting not just condemnation but also concrete action on a scandal that has dogged his prophecy. and at least seventy people have been killed and many more injured in a devastating fire in the bangladeshi capital dhaka the blaze was thought to have started in a warehouse containing some of filled with cereals before spreading quickly to other buildings in the old city. and with that you're up to date now on news i'm sarah kelly in berlin up next tim sebastian interviews the chairman of the us senate foreign relations committee although. more coming up in comfort zone it is so much for watching have a great day. oh
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i'm going to. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. this week comfort zone is it the amul security conference in munich. my guest period. jim risch chairman of the powerful senate foreign relations committee how damaging is this transatlantic divide and how committee is the trumpet ministrations tonight sounds. like so.
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it's time. to take one step further. and face to possible. time to search the unknown and find for the translator was hard to overcome down dreams and connect the world. this time for w. d w d is coming up ahead for minds. her first day of school in the jungle. first claiming listen to the.
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band doris grant a moment arrives. joint direct attack on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. toronto bringing tame returns home on t w dot com miranda tang's. this week conflict zone is at the annual security conference in munich i made plenty of recriminations and bad blood between europe and washington my guest here is jim risch chairman of the powerful senate foreign relations committee how damaging is this transatlantic divide and how committed is the trumpet ministration to nato.


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